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Young Mother follows her dreams after suffering a tragic loss


Dubai, 8th Sep: A South African Dubai resident, whose husband was tragically killed in a car accident on 30th November 2012, is following her dream by opening her own business on what would have been his 34th birthday.

Benita Hiles-Bohsali, a Dubai resident since September 2007 had given birth to their daughter only two months before losing her Lebanese husband, Mohamad Bohsali, in a car accident in Dubai. After much soul-searching she took inspiration and positivity from her loss and decided to launch own website, Beloved, which imports fabulous South African goodies such as food, art, leisure-wear, jewelry and much more.

A major focus for the business is to import items that support social causes. One supplier will be the African Art Centre, whose products are made by villagers in rural Durban townships and which aims to create jobs for underprivileged inhabitants. Another supplier, Sage Kitchen, places beaded bracelets on their jars of relishes and jams which are hand made by widows in a Port Elizabeth township. Benita comments that, “Helping people living in townships, especially widows and their children, is a cause that is very close to my heart. The money made from selling their products goes towards hiring much-needed teachers and building schools.”

Her website (www.beloved.ae) features a range of traditional foods that are unique to South Africa, which will bring smiles to the thousands of South African residents across the UAE and GCC. They will include favourites such as confectionary, snacks and soft drinks, as well as specialty items from eight proudly South African brands, which Beloved has acquired for exclusive distribution in the Middle East.  With Mo being a son of the Lebanese-based Bohsali Sweets empire, Benita plans to add these to the company portfolio in a few weeks along with some items from Australia and Zimbabwe. The shop is online for now but Benita’s dream is to open a physical store. The company also has the potential to wholesale and rebrand.

Commenting on the name of the company, Benita says that, “Mo was my beloved – a great man who showed me pure love.  I also know that the items I will be importing are beloved by so many of my fellow South African’s living away from home.  Like so many of us, we are not sure when we will be heading back there and so until then, I’d like us to still be able to get our favourite things."

Describing the reasons why she decided to launch her business whilst maintaining a busy day job, Benita says, “It’s been hard, but I really want my family around for the sake of my daughter. The plan is that my parents will move over from South Africa and run the business. This way we can stay geographically close to Mo’s parents. But it’s more than that. I thought about how Mo had such a zest for life, passion for each day that he lived. I have had a lot of time to think about my purpose on this earth – how to make others happy whilst being happy myself. Mo really did live every minute and I know he would have wanted the same for me.

For more information about Beloved, which launches on 8th September 2014 and on what would have been Mo’s 34th birthday:

Tel: +971 (0) 52 2604 2894

Web: www.beloved.ae

Email: info@beloved.ae

Facebook: beloved.ae

Twitter: @thingsbeloved

Instagram: beloved.ae


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